SC Objectives

The Steering Committee (SC) is composed of all Team Leaders from the participating groups or their designated deputies.  In the event of absence of a regular Steering Committee member, an officially named deputy assumes voting rights in the respective session of the Steering Committee.  The Steering Committee has the responsibilities for the development of an overall strategy.  The Steering Committee will take responsibility for ensuring appropriate exploitation of the knowledge and products that result from the IP and on advice from ESAC will determine when a specific programme of work should be terminated or new partners should be added to the IP.  The Steering Committee on advice from ESAC will determine when a product moves from the pre-clinical validation phase into the clinical development phase.

SC Members

Dr. O. Leroy, EVI (Coordinator)
Dr. R. Gluck, ETNA (Chair)
Prof. T. Holder, MRC (Vice chair)
Dr. R. Zurbriggen, PB
Prof. A. Hill, UOXF
Dr. C. Kocken, BPRC
Dr. D. Cavanagh, UEDIN
Prof. R. Sauerwein, RUNMC
Dr. R. Noor, AMANET
Prof. G. Pluschke, STI
Prof. K. Berzins, SU
Prof. F. Spertini, CHUV
Prof. P. Kremsner, EKUT
Prof. H. Bujard, UHEI
Dr. M. Theisen, SSI