ESAC Objectives

The ESAC is composed of external experts recognised for their expertise in the field of the Project. Three members of ESAC have been appointed by the Steering Committee, two by the European Commission, and one was appointed by the World Health Organization.

With the approval of the Steering Committee, ESAC can also co-opt additional experts relevant to the nature of the Allocated Work already included in the Implementation Plan or in submitted proposals for work to be included in such plan to ensure that ESAC can provide the relevant advice and recommendations in the particular field or issue in question.

Each member of the ESAC concludes a suitable confidentiality agreement (Appendix I) prior to either first attending any Project meeting or receiving Confidential Information.  To avoid doubt, such requirement shall extend to any additional third party experts co-opted by the ESAC.

ESAC shall:

i.        Advise the Steering Committee on all matters of a scientific, technical or ethical aspect in relation to the Project;

ii.      Recommend to the Steering Committee evaluation procedures and deliver recommendations on the funding of the Work Packages and sub-Work Packages;

iii.    Evaluate the Project’s annual scientific report;

iv.    Advise the Steering Committee on the Project to stay in line with the state-of-the-art, the strategy of the Parties, etc.;

v.      Advise the Steering Committee on the Project with respect to ethical issues;

vi.    Recommend new initiatives or re-direction of the Project to the Steering Committee;

vii.  Recommend on calls (see ESAC_02)

ESAC Members

Dr. C. Diggs (Chair)
Dr. M. Liu
Dr. P. Meulien
Dr. Roma Chilengi
Dr. C. Chitnis
Dr. V. Moorthy