Cluster 5 -Training activities

WP5.1 PhD training

PhD training scheme – training and teaching activities (covering EMBL costs etc but not the PhD fellowships themselves). The coordinator has designed appropriate laboratory training workshops and annual PhD presentations that coincide with the annual EMVDA meeting. The training workshops are part of the consortium’s standardisation of assays activities.

Work Package Leader: EVI

WP5.2 Capacity Building – instructor's module

This WP specifically targets interaction with groups in low income countries via a close relationship with AMANET. A project group within AMANET, the Afro-Immuno Assay (AIA), is particularly supported by the EMVDA program. While AMANET technically coordinates and oversees the AIA network with one competent staff position (as a training activity), the participating eight other centres are each third party performers for AMANET, and subject to evaluation and monitoring by ESAC and the Steering Committee.

The objectives are to improve the current AIA ELISA as well as standardise T-Cell and functional parasite growth inhibition assay (GIA). These assays will be used in assessing immune responses to potential malaria candidate antigens in relation to protection from clinical malaria in cohort studies conducted in various epidemiological settings.

Work Package Leader: AMANET

WP5.3 Training workshops

The objectives are to organise workshops on, 1) biostatistics, 2) bioinformatics, 3) fluorescence microscopy, immuno-histochemistry, flow cytometry, and 4) ELISA and cellular assays. The workshops will be available to members of the consortium and a limited number of non-consortium individuals and will seek contributions from academic experts.

Work Package Leader: AMANET

WP5.4 Outreach package

This project will make use of various instruments including publications in scientific journals, presentations at scientific meetings, organisation of thematic workshops and "methods" workshops where appropriate, plus an interactive internet website and newsletters. A private domain of the website allows access to EMVDA meeting minutes and directives, and has an interactive site for management and communication among the partners. This electronic network supports the essential high volume communication between the WP partners, and between the partners and the Management Committee. The coordinator - together with the partners - produces an annual newsletter.

Work Package Leader: EVI